ATaLe - 5.5% ABV

Second Self Beer Company (Atlanta, Georgia)

Pale Ale

Second self beer can next to tulip shaped glass

ATaLe, first off, is a pain in the ass to capitalize correctly. But other than that, it's a solid anytime beer, and the can art is really rad.

It pours a hazy golden color and has a slightly wheaty nose to start out. The nose is a mix between wheat and citrus, maybe a little sweetness, but overall it's very subtle. You've got to get your nose in the glass to get a good whiff, especially if you're pouring from a can.

On first sip, it makes me think of when I picked up a specialty version of this beer back in October. I remember it being a lot more hoppy and bitter, more like a pale ale than an amber ale, so I was surprised when I picked up this can and found it to be still crisp and refreshing, but much maltier than what I remembered. 

Rainbow ATaLe can

According to a video on the brewery's website, it looks like they changed up the beer a bit to make it less bitter. I'd be fine with a little more bitterness, honestly, but the beer is still solid. 

On first sip, it's malty sweetness. Nothing overpowering, but a nice soft caramel malt with a clean finish. If you take a bigger gulp, you'll get a hint of bitterness in the finish, just nothing to write home about. 

While I picked this beer up thinking I'd get the bitter, pale ale-adjacent version I found in a rainbow can in October, I've still really enjoyed this beer. In fact, I finished four of the six beers in this six-pack during holiday festivities before I even sat down to write a post. 

Ultimately, this beer is what it says on the can - crisp, clean, refreshing and crushable. Since it's got a nice clean finish, it's great for the summer. The malty sweetness helps it transfer into the cooler months. And with a 5.5% ABV, you can definitely crush a few of these and still be OK. I won't say this beer is suddenly my go-to for when I'm in Atlanta, but I'll pick up a six pack to take to a party.

Overall rating: 3.75/5

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