Briarberry Standard Sour

Beer can next to glass

Briarberry Standard Sour - 4.5% ABV

Brueprint Brewing Company (Apex, North Carolina)

This beer is Part III of my North Carolina spoils - a tart, tasty limited release beer from Apex, North Carolina.

The Briarberry Standard Sour from Brueprint pours a cloudy, raspberry red, and at least from this can, with a lot of light pink head that dissipates pretty quickly. It has a tart, fruity nose that reminds me a lot of TrimTab's Paradise Now (a raspberry berliner weisse). The taste, however, isn't totally raspberry. There's a little more of a bitter edge to the sweet, fruity flavor, which is probably the blackberry coming in. There's also a citrusy bite from lemon and orange peel, which helps cut through what could otherwise be a very sweet beer — it adds to the fruit flavor like lemon juice adds to a pie.

I also appreciate the sour quality of this beer. It's really tart, but without being super salty or giving making your teeth feel weird like an overly zealous gose can.

It's officially fall, and I wish I had this beer on the beach over the summer. It's crushable and refreshing. The only downside is there are so many of these raspberry/ blackberry/ boysenberry sours out there that they've kind of run together in my head. It's harder to distinguish between the different sours than it is to distinguish between IPAs.

If you're in North Carolina, I'd recommend picking up a few of these, but you're also going to be able to find several similar options in your own town.

Overall, I'd give it a 4/5.

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