Breakfast Hero

Breakfast Hero Beer

Breakfast Hero - 8.5% ABV

TrimTab Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama)

Imperial Doughnut Stout

I bought a four-pack of this Birmingham collab back when it was first released in June, but the Alabama heat hasn't provided ideal conditions for a coffee-forward stout. Instead, it has been living in my fridge as I've downed sours and IPAs.

It's still hot as hell in Alabama, but since — at the time of writing this — it's a rainy and crappy Monday in Birmingham, it's officially fall, and it got dark before 8 p.m., it feels like the right night to pull the beer back out. TrimTab worked with Hero Doughnuts, a local place with killer breakfast, on this stout. They literally put doughnuts in the mash, which then did their thing combining with the malt to give the beer a little more sweetness. There's also coffee beans from another Birmingham staple — SEEDS coffee — which ties the whole beer together.

The beer pours a super deep chocolate color with a medium brown head. The nose has a hint of coffee and a sweet, syrupy quality. The maple scent really comes through.

On first sip, there's a bite of coffee bitterness — nothing that overtakes the palette, though. It rests in the center of your tongue, and reminds me of a strong cup of coffee with a little bit of sugar in it. Take a sip of that coffee and have a big bite of pancakes with plenty of syrup, and you're getting close to a sip of this beer.

On a bigger gulp, the beer has a creamy mouthfeel and a little stronger bitterness. Don't think cup of coffee — more like espresso beans covered in a milky, sweet chocolate. One of my favorite parts of this beer is that even though its definitely a stout, it's not heavy like an oatmeal stout. You won't leave this beer feeling full — just very, very happy.

Over the last few months, I've forgotten how much I like this beer. I'm glad I pulled one out of my fridge just in time for the beer's re-release at TrimTab. They cans will be back in the taproom this Saturday (Sept. 29) starting at 9 a.m. Hopefully I can snag a few more four-packs and stock up for the winter.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

As I went to tag related posts, I realized this is the blog's first stout! Have any others you would recommend? Let me know, and I'll try and review those too.

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