Piglette - 4.2% ABV

Brewery Bhavana (Raleigh, North Carolina)


piglette can next to stemmed glass

Welcome to Part II of my Raleigh-area beer haul. Piglette, a grisette from Brewery Bhavana, is the second of four 16 oz cans I picked up on my last day in Raleigh. I've never heard of let alone tasted a grisette — a Belgian-style table ale — before buying this beer, so I'm definitely curious about it. But the can said sour and bright, super drinkable but flavorful — so sounds right up my alley.

The beer pours a lovely clear gold with very little head. Anything that's there dissipates quickly. The nose is definitely funky and reminds me a lot of Duchesse De Bourgogne — malty and maybe a little vinegary.

The taste is a lot more wheat-forward than I would have expected, with a tart aftertaste. It hits your mouth with wheat, gets a little tart and finishes with a taste that reminds me of a brett saison. A larger sip, however, is a lot cleaner finish. Those sips are just tart and super smooth.

The mouthfeel is bubbly and a little dry — super crisp.

Overall, I'd say this is a solid beer. I bought it from a store that just sold single cans and build-your-own six-packs, and I think this was worth the $2.40 I paid for it. I'd buy it again for at-home consumption, but I don't think I'd pay the $6-8 for it in house at Brewery Bhavana (btw, if you have a chance to go there, I suggest you check it out. The Scallion Pancakes are served with bone marrow and coconut-soy and oxtail jam, and they're some of the best things I've ever eaten.)

Piglette is a clean, crisp beer that offers a much more mild tartness than a berliner weisse while offering up the down-played funk of a brett saison. I'd say it's right up my alley, and if you don't like brett saisons, you'd still really like this beer.

Overall rating: 3.75/5

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