Hop Lift

Hop Lift beer next to glass.

Hop Lift - 6.2% ABV

Third Street Brewhouse (Cold Springs, Minnesota)

I did it. I heard mixed reviews, most of them warning against it, but I finally bought beer from Aldi.

A four-pack of 16oz Hop Lifts — 6.2% ABV IPAs that claim citrus and passionfruit notes — was less than $7. I figured I might as well give it a shot, if for no other reason than to have a more flavorful cheap option for beer. We'll see if this was a total waste of $7.

Hop Lift pours a moderately clear gold with very little carbonation. While there's a slight head, there's no retention of it and no fancy lacing. Not super surprising. The nose is very piney and slightly citrusy.

On first sip, you get the hints of citrus and more tropical fruit, but honestly those can't mask the fact that this beer is just watery. The mouthfeel isn't really there, and it's somehow not bubbly or smooth. More of a tropical fruit flavor — I guess it's passionfruit? — comes through with each sip, and the piney flavors don't really come through at all. The beer is not very hoppy, and I keep coming back to the term "watery" as I drink it. It feels like the flavor of a typical IPA has been diluted.

All that being said, I'll still drink the remaining beers in this four-pack, and if someone offered me one of these compared to a Coors Light, I would definitely pick a Hop Lift. I've been more disappointed in other, nicer beers that just oversold themselves, and I think this beer benefits from my low expectations. Even though I'd drink this again, I don't think I'd buy another four-pack. For the lack of flavor, I'd rather get more PBRs for the same price.

Overall rating: 2/5

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