Kolsch with Lime and Chamomile

beer glass and beer can

Kolsch with Lime and Chamomile (4.6% ABV)

Southern Prohibition Brewing (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

This German-style ale is part of Southern Prohibition's Rotator Series, something I had not heard of before grabbing a six pack at Hop City in Birmingham.

The beer pours a cloudy light straw color with about a finger's width of head. I poured this can in a narrow and tall glass I got from Creature Comforts back in the day because it's the closest thing I could find to a flute.

The nose is very citrusy, kind of like what hits you as you zest a lime. There's a slight floral note as well. On first sip, though, what really comes through is the chamomile. The smooth mouthfeel combined with the chamomile reminds me of a cup of tea with a bit of honey. Flavor-wise, there are citrus notes but it's almost not possible to distinguish whether it's a lime or lemon flavor.

But long story short, it's totally refreshing and crushable.

Even though it's pouring down rain in Birmingham as I type this, I can tell it's the perfect porch sitting beer, something great to drink while playing cornhole. I'd definitely recommend picking up this six pack for the summertime.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

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