Life's a beach - Part 2

When you have almost a week at the beach, it's important to come prepared — I wanted a variety of brews that all fit on the beach, but could also be enjoyed from the patio in the event of rain, at dinner with my family or while we played some board games.

Thankfully, we had nothing but sunshine for the five days we were on Orange Beach, and I got to enjoy these beers with a healthy dose of sunshine, sand and sunscreen. Here's Part 2 of my beach beer selection.

Four beers on the beach, in the sand

1. Drinking Games '18 (Mango Milkshake IPA) - Trim Tab Brewing Company and Southern Prohibition Brewing (ABV unknown)

I'll be totally honest - I didn't check this ABV on this four pack. The beer is a specialty release collaboration between my personal favorite, Trim Tab, and Southern Prohibition Brewing from Mississippi. I've started to see a few more of these milkshake IPAs, which take the hazy, fruit-forward quality of a New England IPA and add an extra creaminess. Since this was a limited release, I don't know all the details on the brewing of this beer, but I got a hint of lactobacillus that led to the amazing mouthfeel on this beer. My family aren't huge fans of creamier IPAs, and they didn't think this one totally fit in with the heat of the beach, but I loved this new spin on an IPA. The mango flavor was impeccable, and it had the tropical feel I love on the beach.

2. Hi-5 IPA - Terrapin Beer Co (5.9% ABV)

This beer is a classic for me. This California style IPA is a great blend of citrus and sweet malts. Brewed with Zythos, Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops — and y'all know how much I love my Citra hops — this beer has a great bitter and hoppiness to it. The malt provides a sweet, caramel note to the beer, and cuts back on the brightness of the beer. Ultimately, though, a super refreshing IPA that I enjoy both in the summertime and into the winter.

I picked up these beers from Idyll Hounds because of my love of their collaboration with Trim Tab — the Play Date India Pale Lager. That beer had the crispness and drinkability of a light lager, all while mixing in a bitterness through some dry hops. But that's another beer for another day (actually I probably won't be able to do a blog post on that amazing collab because all of our beer stores are sold out in Bham).

3. Incept New England IPA - Idyll Hounds Brewing Company (6.5% ABV)

Incept is very different from Play Date — it's a creamy, hazy IPA that contrasts the bitter brightness of the IPL. I've enjoyed this juicy beer on the beach, by the pool and while I was cooking dinner the other night. It pours a hazy, light golden yellow and is super juicy and a little sweet. It was a super refreshing beer, although my family had the same criticisms about it being a creamier IPA. If you're looking for a bright, citrus heavy beer for the beach, maybe steer away from this one. But if you're down to get a little hazy, I would definitely recommend this beer. Plus, it comes in a tall boy, and who doesn't love one of those on vacation?

4. Ghost Crab Pilsna' - Idyll Hounds Brewing Company (4.5% ABV)

This is just a really solid light beer. Have a friend who only drinks crap beer like Miller Lite or something along those lines? Introduce them to this beer. It's got more flavor than any of those light beers, including a little hint of bitterness, but it's still smooth, crisp and can be consumed super duper cold like all those crap beer lovers like, without you having to worry about them not getting the full flavor experience. Want a beer where you could (theoretically) pound a six pack without feeling super full? This one is your guy. The perfect, standard beach beer — just elevated.

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