Dr. Robot

Dr. Robot - 5% ABV

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia)

Blackberry Lemon Sour

IBU: 7

What I say:

Dr. Robot is what one of my friends would call a "gateway beer." It's something you recommend to friends who don't really like beer, but it's all that's available. But, it's also a beer that beer lovers can drink and enjoy.

Dr. Robot is a pink, slightly hazy sour that pours with very little head and no lacing. It has a moderate to high carbonation that continues to slightly bubble throughout the glass, giving it an interesting mouthfeel. It's less carbonated than a soda, but feels more carbonated than most beers I drink.

The beer is refreshing with more of a tart than sour taste, and my husband says it ends on a slightly wheaty note, although I didn't quite get that impression. The initial flavor is a subtly tart citrus, with berries coming in afterward. But that’s just it, it’s subtle. You’re not going to get a lot of flavor in it, even after finishing the whole glass. It's reminiscent of a juice.

It’s not overwhelmingly tart, as goses can sometimes be, and instead is just a very satisfying, refreshing drink. Monday Night says the beer is the “perfect blend of sweet and sour,” and I can see where they’re coming from. You could drink several of these without encountering the sour mouth feel you can get from eating a bunch of sour candies, and the sweetness of the berry balances the tartness of the lemon.

But, even with all of those compliments, I’m not sure if I would buy this again. It doesn’t stand up to some of my favorite sours, but I’d definitely recommend this to friends who are entering the foray of beer drinking.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

What others say:

On Beer Advocate, I’ve seen a lot of people say the flavors are simple, which I’d agree with. Most people get the notes of the berry and lemon, but aren’t overwhelmed by them. It depends on what sort of drinking experience you’re looking for as to if that’s a plus or a downside. Overall, I’d agree that this is a good beer for drinking on a hot day in the south, as it’ll refresh you without throwing too much your way.

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