Hopsecutioner - 7.3% ABV

Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, Georgia)

American IPA

IBU: 71

What I say:

Hopsecutioner is a dark golden beer that's slightly cloudy with pretty good head retention. In my first sip, the head reduced in size, but a slight head remained, and lacing was present on the glass.

The beer has a slightly sweet and citrusy scent. The taste starts with a subtle maltiness and finished with a hoppy bite. The bitterness of the hops isn't overwhelming; the malt sweetness provides a strong balance. While some hoppy beers leave a bitter taste in your mouth even after you finish your sip, this beer has more of a citrus finish.

Hopsecutioner was one of the first IPAs I ever had, so I heavily associate it with what an IPA "should be." It hits on all cylinders for me, and I blame it for the reason I always seek out the hoppiest IPAs out there.

This beer has six varieties of hops, according to the can, and they all mingle together for a beer that is hands down one of my favorites.

I definitely would not recommend drinking a ton of these due to the high ABV, but it's drinkable, so you might find yourself wanting a second. That being said, don't introduce your friends to IPAs with this beer.

Overal rating: 4.8/5

What others say:

The folks on Beer Advocate give this beer about a 3.82/5. It looks like I'm getting a little better at describing beer flavors, as anyone who gave a detailed description noted the malt and the hoppiness. However, reviewers described it as more bitter than I taste, but that might just be because I like very hoppy beers. Descriptions include a grain or earthy smell to the beer, but I didn't really get those notes. I think the citrus notes overwhelmed that for me.

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