Gallery Series No. 005

Gallery Series No. 005 - 7% ABV

Trim Tab Brewing (Birmingham, Alabama)

New England IPA

IBU: 55

Disclaimer: You probably can't get this beer. Trim Tab started its Gallery Series several months ago, and the series beers are small batch and limited release. This particular beer, released on Aug. 25, sold out in an hour and a half. The good news is Trim Tab said they're hoping to bring it back at some point.

What I say:

This is my favorite beer of the summer.

A cloudy golden color, this IPA is refreshing, citrusy and slightly hoppy. It is unfiltered, like you should expect from a New England IPA, and the citrusy flavors give it the "juicy" quality indicative of the style (I'd just call this the "refreshing" part). I can feel a slightly different mouthfeel to this beer, by which I mean I can tell it has a distinctive, smooth mouthfeel as opposed to a typical beer. The carbonation also slightly fizzes on your tongue, but only slightly. While you can taste a hoppy quality, it's not bitter at all.

Overall rating: 5/5

What others say:

Since it's a limited release, I couldn't find much online. But one Instagram user I follow, @bhambeerbuzz, wrote the following: Our buddies at @trimtabbrewing keep cranking out the hits with their Gallery Series, and #005 is no exception. You local folks know that we typically have a shortage of New England-style IPAs around town. But, this one takes issue with that fact. Yes, it has a bit more bitterness than you might expect, and some NE-style purists may feel that it's too much, but I'm actually ok with it. Creamy mouthfeel, juicy, hazy, slight bitterness. Guys, I hope you were able to get some of this before it sold out (in an hour and a half), but if not, find a friend who did. Fingers crossed that this, or some variant, becomes a staple at the brewery. Cheers.

What I need to learn:

When I saw Trim Tab was releasing this small batch, I looked up this particular style of IPA. Even though I've always loved IPAs, I don't know if I could sit down, sip a few beers and tell the difference between IPA variations. I'm going to look up the different styles and try some side-by-side taste tests to learn the difference. Let me know if you have any beers you'd suggest!

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