Spring Street Saison

Spring Street Saison - 7.2% ABV

Avondale Brewing Co. (Birmingham, Alabama)

Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale

IBU: 18

What I say:

An unfiltered beer, the Spring Street Saison has a cloudy, golden yellow color with a slight head that does not cling to the glass. An inch-tall white head occurs with the initial pour of the beer, but quickly settles to what you see in the picture.

There's slight carbonation throughout, but it doesn't have a fizzy or distinctive mouthfeel.

There are citrus notes to the beer, and what I would describe as a wheat-y undertone to the beer.

I'm a fan of this beer, but I will warn you — it sneaks up on you. Its light bodied nature and crisp finish are not what most people would associate with high alcohol content. It's a great summer beer that quenches your thirst, and it's available year round.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

What others say:

A lot of reviews note the citrus and "bread" notes of the beer, so I guess I was on par with those assessments. However, more research shows I should start saying "malty" to describe that "bread" or "wheat" taste. This beer uses a four-malt blend in addition to traditional Slovenian hops, according to its can, which means the distinctive taste I'm getting is caused by the malts.

But others have noted a hint of black peppercorn, which I do not get at all.

While I wouldn't describe this as having a distinctive mouthfeel, others say it is "heavy," especially for a saison — I plan to read up more on how "mouthfeel" is categorized in order to polish up my descriptors.

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