Let's get started

Going to college in Athens, Georgia, I learned the importance of craft breweries.

From the time my friends turned 21, we would go to Terrapin Beer Company to enjoy nice weather, great beer and good company. The fact that a tour, pint glass and a few samples of beer only cost $10 or $12 never hurt.

Even though my city has changed from Athens to Birmingham, Alabama, my passion for craft beer hasn't. I'm working to learn more about the types of beer I'm consuming, the process behind the brew and how to use words other than "hoppy" and "smooth" as descriptors.

This website will contain my opinion on the beers I try as well as a comparison to what a few experts say. With each beer, I'll provide the basics (brewery, beer name, beer type, ABV) as well as break down the look (color, head, carbonation) and taste (aroma, mouthfeel, flavor).

Welcome to my journey, where girl meets beer.

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