Battlefield IPA

Battlefield IPA - 6.8% ABV

Avondale Brewing Co. (Birmingham, Alabama)

American India Pale Ale

BA score: 86

IBU: 62

What I say:

A slightly cloudy golden color with good foamy head and moderate lacing. Moderate carbonation. Overall what I would expect out of an IPA.

The hops give off a citrusy aroma. A medium-bodied beer with a citrus taste that mingles with a bitter finish.

I'm a fan of IPAs, so this is a beer I definitely enjoy. While the bitter taste might be overwhelming for some, I'd say the crispness of the beer makes it a good everyday drink. As an IPA, it is medium-bodied, but would not be overwhelming in the Alabama heat.

Overall rating: 4.8/5

What others say:

A few reviewers noted the caramel malt in the beer, which I could not separate from the bitterness of the finish. They also noted hints of pine or grapefruit, which I've heard are flavors that typically come from different hops.

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